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Event Insurance

Whether your event is private like a wedding reception or public like a film production or performing arts venue, accidents can happen, and this may result in some major legal issues. However, when you think ahead and take out Special Event Insurance, you avoid many common problems that can lead to financial disaster.

Let's look at an example or what could go wrong. Marge planned the perfect wedding for her daughter. It took her a long time and she arranged for the perfect ceremony, and every little detail was taken care of, down to the favors and invitations. It would have been the event of the year in the neighborhood, except for one thing that no one saw coming.

Marge held the wedding reception in her back yard and it was beautiful. Everyone had a great time, but toward the end of the evening, a tipsy guest slipped and fell, seriously injuring himself. Needless to say, this put a damper on the entire evening. Marge asked her husband Henry if their homeowner policy would cover the man's medical expenses and he said no. For a moment, Marge was devastated. Then her husband told her to relax. Henry had the foresight to talk to his insurance agent a few days before the event and opted for Event Liability Insurance, and it took care of all the medical bills.

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